Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I realize it's been quite a while since I've blogged, I have a perfectly good excuse, I've been recovering from surgery. My fourth surgery in two years to be precise, and if all goes well it will be the last. During this time there has been no shortage of "random events of cuteness" from the daisies. As many friends/family are aware, each night after bath time Little Daisy likes to "streak" through the house. She often takes great joy in stopping in front the hall mirror and dancing naked as well (though last night she was at least wearing a straw hat.) (quick break - presently Little Daisy is busy scattering all the shoes from the shoe rack all over the hall way - the shoes I JUST picked up, when I noticed she looked at me ever so innocently and said
"uh-oh", little faker is actually trying to look suprised, kinda like "oh, my, how did the shoes get here....") Back to the streaking - Perhaps I shouldn't have encouraged her, because now she has discoved she can streak anytime, all she has to do is remove her diaper! Okay, still not so bad, except now she has realized that she remove her diaper - in public! A couple weeks ago we were eating at Cici's, and as we were getting our food a worker pointed out that I had dropped something. I looked back and immediately spotted her abandoned diaper. I guess the moral of the story is that from now on, she will not be wearing dresses without a pair of shorts underneath. (at least she has a cute tushy!)