Monday, August 13, 2007

Float On.....

So much going on these days....trying to get ready for "Back to School", Big Daisy has become quite the shop-a-holic, Little Daisy is two handfuls as usual, and to top it off, the hubbie is looking for a new trabajo (job). We may end up having to move, which would not be bad, honestly, except for missing my wonderful bro, s-i-l and nephew. So it's a lot to think about, thank goodness for the mini-escapes I like to call movies. Movies are my proverbial "flowers" and I smell them as often as possible. Another "flower" is music, of which I truly got to enjoy this past friday. I have a friend who is trying to start a singing career, and another friend (my brother's brother-in-law) who is going to school to work in a music studio (coincidence?) So, we had a little recording session and laid down some vocals to some of our favorite songs, it was a blast! Nerve racking, but sooo much fun!
Little Daisy has been repeating words like crazy, she's been saying "dude" for a while, but last night I was playing around, after she said "Dude" she easily repeated "cool", so I kept it going, she also repeated "awesome" and nearly got "brilliant" (it came out more like (tnt-tnt).
She can be pretty adorable when she isn't screaming! (sometimes even when she is screaming.)